Our Production

We wanted to distance ourselves from modern enology, which tends to “create” wine using standard conditions, like a laboratory where everything needs to be under control and according to a standard plan utilizing “production protocols”.
During the better years, our 15 hectares produce around 70,000 bottles, which are mostly distributed abroad. You can find our wines in Italy and in other 15 countries. In addition to wine, which undoubtedly represents the core of our vocation, the remaining 25 hectares produce fruits and vegetables for those who work and live on the property, ancient grains, durum and soft wheat, and 7 hectares dedicated to olive orchards. From those orchards we produce extra virgin olive oil using local varieties like Leccino, Moraiolo e Frantoio for a premium blend, as well as a single, rare variety called Mignola. The remaining hectares on the estate are marked by beautiful biodiverse woods and gardens.