The family and the team

The estate has been owned by the Masini family from the year 2000. Maria Paoletti Masini, in particular, found a passion for the estate and began to develop activities, managing both marketing and communications. A lawyer by trade and passionate contemporary art collector, apparently very far from the agriculture, she felt that they are actually very connected: all rooted in the search for beauty, elegance and equilibrium.
In 2012, the Masini family was joined by agronomist and agriculturalist Francesco De Filippis. Originally from Campania in Southern Italy, he is an expert in biological and biodynamic agriculture and not just in wine.

It is fundamental for us to spread the knowledge of our philosophy to all enthusiasts. In this regard, we also encourage the sharing of experiences in organic and biodynamic agriculture and we do so by hosting volunteers through the international association wwoof, collaborating a number of faculties of agriculture and enology for national and foreign internships.