IGT Toscana Bianco

Daphné is our macerated wine, or as it's more widely known, “orange wine.” The first vintage was back in 2007 when we wanted to focus on a beautiful parcel over 60 years old, named “Luana.” Filled with majestic trebbiano toscano and malvasia bianca vines, it was planted in the old tradition where the rows and plants are mixed, instead of a single file with a single variety. In 2015 we planted a new vineyard in the same manner with the same grapes so that we could continue to showcase this white wine, so deeply tied to tuscan tradition, filled with complexity and structure.



Product details



80% Trebbiano Toscano 20% Malvasia Bianca; Southwest exposition; the younger vineyard is Guyot training, with the older vineyard is cordon spur; 3000-5000 plants per hectare, with the soil based with calcareous clay and filled with fossils from the Plio-Pleistocene area.



The grapes are harvested by hand in the last week of september. They are brought immediately into the winery in small baskets to preserve the integrity of the grapes.



This particular wine is the result of a long period of research and multiple tests to figure out how to best express the grapes’ characteristics. Daphné spends 5-10 days macerating on the skins, depending on the vintage, in open containers and ambient temperature with manual punching down of the cap occurring daily. This is to ensure the extraction of aromas, tannins and phenols. After the maceration, the fermentation takes place in Barriques and Tonneaux barrels without the addition of selected yeasts or chemical agents. It then matures in oak for 10-12 months, and then bottled without filtration or clarification which maintains the characteristics of the wine.


Sensory Characteristics:

A golden color, Daphné is a complex wine with a strong structure similar to that of a red wine. Floral on the nose thanks to Malvasia Bianca,  it also has an expressive minerality with herbal notes thanks to the Trebbiano. It finishes with pleasant fruit and a long persistence.



The structure of the wine allows Daphné to be paired with places typically only matched with red wines: meats, aged cheeses, fois gras, and most of all it best expresses its complexity with White Truffle from San Miniato. It is an exciting pairing with spicy curries native to Indian tradition.


Serving Temperature:

12-17 Celcius- open 20 minutes before to experience the true depth of aromas and flavors.