Vinsanto del Chianti

VinSanto takes its name from a historical person who worked on the Estate- the great and greatly loved Fedardo, who was born here. He never gave up his passion for the earth, dedicating himself even in his last years to taking care of the gardens and the plants. He is a shining example as to how living in harmony with nature can be one of the best paths to happiness



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Trebbiano 70% Malvasia Bianca 15% San Colombano 15%. Exposition towards southwest, with vine training style Guyot and Cordon Spur. There are about 3000-5000 plants per hectare, on a clay-calcareous soil with presence of fossils from the Plio-Pleistocene era.



For Fedardo, contrary to tradition, we prefer an early harvest rather than a late harvest. We harvest the grapes in the beginning of September, which allows us to work with healthier grapes that have thick and whole skins for the drying process. This helps avoid any type of degradation or unfavorable rot.



After harvest, the grapes are weighed and dried for almost 4 months, until they arrive to the amount of sugar needed. The grapes are then pressed and the must goes to fermentation in small barrels, called “caratelli” which hold between between 50 and 100 liters. The little barrels are closed and left sealed for over 5 years, during which the long and slow process of fermentation and oxygenation occurs, bringing to life this unique and special wine. Thanks to the early harvest, it maintains a good level of acidity and a delicate sweetness that makes our vinsanto and equilibrated and extremely drinkable wine.


Sensory Characteristics:

A deep amber color, the wine has intense aromas of almond and dried fruits.



Fedardo can be a sweet meditation wine, but it can also be paired with aged cheeses or blue cheeses, as well as paté.



9 - 10 Celsius