IGT Toscana Rosato

Matilde was born was in 2013 out of curiosity and fun. The plan at the time was to do a pre-harvest, that is, to thin out the quantity of grape clusters to favor a better maturation of the best parcels of Sangiovese and Sanforte. To do this, we harvested grapes that were less mature but perfectly adapted to make a rosé where it is fundamental to have a higher level of acidity and lower level of alcohol. Given the excellent results, we began to increase the quantity of grapes dedicated to our rosé and we hope to keep making more! A fun fact: the name Matilde comes from, like most of our wines, one of the younger members of the Masini family. Not only that, it is an important symbol of the city of San Miniato: the Matilde Tower. The tower was constructed in the 12th Century and is among the architectural monuments you must visit while you’re here.



Product details



Sangiovese and Sanforte (local variety)



The harvest starts at the end of august, and lasts about one week. Only the best clusters of Sangiovese and Sanforte are selected when they are mature and have reached a good level of acidity.



The vinification of our Matilde wine is a “white vinification”, meaning without any maceration of the skins of the grapes. It is a soft pressing so that there is not an over extraction of tannins or color, with a fermentation at a controlled temperature after adding the natural “Pied de Cuv” that is made prior to the harvest using naturally present yeasts. No enological adjuvant is added, with the exception of a minimal amount of sulfites only when necessary. Both the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation occur in cement and steel containers, where the wine will then refine for around 5 months until it is bottled.


Sensory Characteristics:

A beautiful pink salmon color, Matilde has perfumes of violet and raspberry. It has fresh fruits on the palate that are persistent with a good acidity, a hint of tannins and an optimal minerality.



Ideally paired with typical tuscan antipasti dishes of cheeses, salami and paté. It is well paired with “fritture” or fried foods, and light pasta dishes.



9 - 10 Celsius