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Sanforte is an autochthonous rare variety that found its ideal environment in our terroir. It grows in a vineyard over 60 years old, from which we selected and grafted vines to create two new vineyard plots. Growing at ease in our vineyards, Sanforte is able to produce healthy grapes and can express its true typicity. The latest research has confirmed what we have found over the past years working with the variety: it is a clear and distinct grape from Sangiovese. For some years we made Sanforte in small quantities to understand its full characteristics, and in 2016 we produced and bottled our first vintage of 100% Sanforte wine.



Product details



Sanforte’s “old vines” have a northeast exposition, with a cordon spur vine training. There are about 3000 plants per hectare, on a clay-calcareous soil filled with fossils from the Plio-Pleistocene era.



Harvest occurs by hand in small crates. Sanforte is harvested the moment in which the grapes reach an ideal equilibrium between maturity and acidity to best express its unique characteristics.



Sanforte is vinified in a completely natural way in small open containers (called “mastelle”) with manual pressing of the cap. In this way, the phenols, taste and color are extracted delicately. Sanforte is fermented without enological additives, neither selected yeasts nor sulfites. Malolactic fermentation, which happens spontaneously, occurs in oak barriques of  2°, 3° and 4° passage. From there, it will mature for 12-18 months before bottling and continued refinement.


Sensory Characteristics:

Elegant and refined, it has notes of black pepper and cherries with a balanced acidity. An extremely intriguing wine.



Roasted meats and wild game, paté, traditional italian boiled meats, vegetable or cheese flan.



16 - 18 Celsius