IGT Toscana Rosso

Sincero is a wine that recalls the friendship that is invariably established with all of our customers. Born in 2010 with the collaboration with our distributor in Chicago (IL, USA), Candid Wines, and its founder Damien Casten. Sincero or “sincere” in english is synonymous with “candid.” Given the success of this project, we have proposed it in all the international markets in which our wines are found. The style of this wine is expressed in a motto on the label “happy tuscan wine”; a wine that speaks to the heart of those who drink it. It is purely and simply joy. Drink it to believe it!



Product details



Sangiovese 70%, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc ; Southwest exposition with guyot training for Sangiovese and cordon spur for Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc. About 4000-5000 plants per hectare, with the soil based with calcareous clay and filled with fossils from the Plio-Pleistocene area.



The grapes for Sincero are harvested beginning around the middle of September, starting with Sangiovese. Then, Cabernet Franc  is harvested and finally Cabernet Sauvignon somewhere between the end of Septemberand the beginning of October. All of the harvest is done by hand and grape clusters are selected for quality.



Vinified in cement containers with a maceration on the skins based on the variety: a short period for Sangiovese, and longer for both Cabernets. There is no use of selected yeasts or enological additives, except in the case where a small amount of sulfites is needed. The malolactic fermentation, which occurs naturally, happens in cement and steel vats and it is all followed by the assembly of the wine in various tanks. The wine will then mature in cement tanks, large oak barrels, and steel for around 6-8 months before bottling.


Sensory Characteristics:

A red wine with great drinkability, on the nose you'll find a delicate aroma of violets and roses, with fresh cherries on the palate. It is full bodied and fresh with pleasing tannins.



Optimally served with traditional tuscan dishes, salami and red meat.



16 - 18 Celsius